ThamesAwash aims to collect as wide a representation of the communities affected by the floods. We seek only an overall summary picture of how the area was affected, not individual circumstances.

The individual entries are totally confidential and will not be linked back to you or your business in any way.

If you do wish to publicise your plight, please use our Facebook page or write to us on the contact details above.

ThamesAwash operates within the Data Protection Act and it's precepts. All your data is securely stored and only authorised persons within ThamesAwash have access.

Please note that any data used will be anonymous

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ThamesAwash asks where were our MPs?

Not one of our local MPs contributed to a recent Select Committee meeting about the 2013-2014 floods - ThamesAwash asks why?

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MEP lobbies local councils to provide ‘match’ funding for River Thames Scheme

Lib Dem MEP Catherine Bearder has joined voices with ThamesAwash by calling on local councils to provide 'match' funding for River Thames Scheme

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Chertsey and the floods - an update

Malcolm Loveday is the Chairman of The Chertsey Society. Here's his update to the flooding experienced by this local community earlier in 2014

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Submerged Stories: When size really does matter

In our continued series of real life tales from those local residents still suffering the aftermath of the February floods, we find that two inches makes all the difference

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Submerged Stories: Staines carer displaced for 7 months

In this, the first of a series of real life tales, we shed the light on the continued suffering of local residents still living with the aftermath of this year's flooding

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