RTS Funding - Positive news but "Mind the Gap"!

What does the extra £60million pledged to the River Thames Scheme actually mean?

Listening to the Chancellor's Autumn Funding Statement, you could be forgiven for thinking that funding for the RTS was now secure and that the money would now be available from Central Government to finance the long term solution to flooding in the Lower Thames Valley.

The headlines point to an extra £60m from Central Government to help build the scheme that will protect up to 15000 homes at risk from the Thames flooding from Datchet to Teddington.

However, the extra £60m offered by George Osborne will not be available until after 2021 and remains subject to Local Funding being put in place.

Partnership funding still required by Central Government

Central Government is still sticking to the principle that, for the RTS to built, Local Government must make a significant contribution to its funding.

During the Summer, the National Audit Office under Oliver Letwin reviewed the Partnership principle to determine whether or not the calculation that only 53% of the cost of the funding scheme should be met by Central Government was reasonable in light of competing demands for flood alleviation in other parts of the country. 

The review appears to have confirmed that Local Government and other Partnership funding sources will still be expected to contribute 47% of the £302m estimated costs, now a total of £142m.

The Thames Regional Flood and Coastal Committee has also contributed £29m to which Surrey County Council have added £1.5m. 

Take into account the £60m extra now promised by the Chancellor after 2021, we estimate that it means that a total of £51.4m has to be found locally to fund the construction of the long term solution to flooding in the Lower Thames.

Funding still a stretch but now "do-able"

The Environment Agency has said that it needs a further £21m until 2021 to continue the planning and preparation work it is doing to ensure that RTS can be built after 2021 if all the funds are made available - it currently has some 60 staff working on planning and development of the RTS.

Spread over the next 7 years until 2021, this represents just £3m per Council or just £430k per year for each of the 7 Councils affected.

After 2021, we calculate that, with the extra £60m from Central Government, there remains a total of £30.4m to be supplied by the 7 Councils or just £4.3m per Council.  This is definitely "do-able".

Time to get real about local funding

Since the Partnership Funding principle was established by Central Government, ThamesAwash has argued consistently that the amount which it expected Local Government to contribute of £120m (47% of £256m) and now £142m (47% of £302m) was too great to be realistically found by local sources. These points were made to Dan Rogerson, then Minister for Defra, and Phillip Hammond, then Defence Secretary.

However, the £60m now offered by the Chancellor, albeit after 2021, does make a significant difference.

Moreover, given the obvious pressures on Central Government ( whatever the outcome of the General Election in May ) driven by the huge National Deficit, it is ThamesAwash's view that this is the best deal we are likely to get from Central Government.

Now is the time for Local Government to get real about finding the funds to get the RTS built and to challenge also the Utilities and Business to contribute as well. 

Local Councils must take up the funding challenge NOW

Realistically, even with funding in place, it will take at least 14 years from now to get the RTS built.

With a total of £51.4m to find, ThamesAwash estimates that this is only £1.03m per Council per year to find to fix flooding for good in the Lower Thames.

With the cost of borrowing now at an all time low, and with the long term borrowing options open to Councils for infrastructure projects of this type, Local Government have a range of funding strategies available.

In fact, it would be tantamount to negligence for Councils to continue to do nothing.  The reality is that since last year's disastrous floods practically nothing has been done to reduce the flood threat or to make our infrastructure more resilient to flooding. Electrical substations remain vulnerable; sewers will still overflow; hundreds are still out of their homes.

Now is the time to challenge your Local Councillors to take action to protect our homes and our futures from the flooding that will inevitably happen.

Now is the time to act! 

Ask your Local Councillor or prospective candidate - Do they support Council funding of the RTS?  

Make your vote dependent on it!

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RTS Funding - Positive news but "Mind the Gap"!

What does the extra £60million pledged to the River Thames Scheme actually mean?

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