There's a lot of questions surrounding the River Thames Scheme, so we've put together this list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you've got one you'd like us to add, please drop us an email to contactus@thamesawash.com

Who are ThamesAwash?

Chris Bertram

Chris Bertram, Chairman

Chris has been a long time resident of Ham Island, living there now for over 20 years. Chris was also a local councillor from 2003 to 2007.




DavidmigshotDavid Young

David has worked as both Marketing and Technology Directors throughout his career and lived in Wraysbury for more than 25 years.




 Gillie MugshotGillie Bolton

Gillie has been immersed in flooding since 2003!!  She has been Flood Warden on Ham Island since 2003 and been on many committees connected with the River Thames.  Her knowledge and expertise means that she has built up an impressive list of media and Government contacts.  So much so that they now contact her rather than the other way round!


Reg mugshotReg Marsh

Reg has worked as CEO of a number of companies for the last 20 years. He has worked in both the Airline and Technology sectors.  He lives on the Thames at Wraysbury and was part of the team at Hythe End during the recent floods that helped with evacuation and other issues.

What is the Lower Thames Flood Alleviation Scheme?

The Lower Thames Flood Alleviation Scheme (LTFAS) is a series of secondary channels and wier enhancements that essentially increases the capacity of the Thames. This enables flood events like those experienced during the winter of 2014 to be absorbed more easily. The water coming from upstream can be got rid of quicker and the sudden peaks in flooding can be absorbed more readily.

I've heard about the Jubilee River why would I want one?

The Jubilee River is an artificial river that was constructed as a flood relief scheme for Windsor and Maidenhead. It leaves the main channel at Taplow and rejoins the river just upstream of Datchet. The LTFAS of which the Jubilee River is a part, was always conceived as a whole scheme, unfortunately budgetary constraints meant it couldn't be completed.
The Jubilee River is essentially a flood alleviation scheme in the middle of a river - it needs to be completed.

There's no channel round where I live, it won't make any difference?

The proposed flood alleviation scheme has 3 channels, if where you live doesn't have one of these channels it doesn't mean the scheme won't help you!
In addition to the channels, there will be works on the existing weirs to increase the controllable amount of water over them. So even though there's no channel, the overall flow for the River Thames will be increased.

Whenever you have two channels, it will always cause flooding downstream!

The purpose of the two channels isn't just to move water downstream quicker. By using the two channels of differing lengths in unison, it's possible to dampen any peaks in flooding coming downstream. It is also possible to hold water in either of the channels as a buffer to again help absorbing those flood causing peaks.

Why does the scheme stop at Teddington? Won't it flood downstream?

The scheme stops at Teddington as that's where the Thames becomes tidal. The river is also much wider and the capacity for holding water higher.

What can I do to help?

That's great! If you want to help us you can:

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